Physical Therapy for Pregnant and Post-Partum Women

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Did you know that seeing a physical therapist can help with pregnancy-related pain? And, post-partum physical therapy can help a mom improve posture, core and pelvic strength, even if delivery was many years ago.

Pregnancy brings changes to a woman’s body, including weight gain, altered center of gravity and balance, laxity in her ligaments and increased blood volume. These changes play a huge role in her ability to maintain her same activity level without added stress and strain. In a study published in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it was estimated that more than 65 percent of pregnant women experience low back pain.

Physical therapy can help pregnant women reduce pain through stretching and soft tissue release techniques, strengthening exercises and teaching proper mechanics for all activities to reduce the risk of pain, especially low back and pelvic pain.

Following delivery, a new mother is faced with juggling car seats, diaper bags and feeding positions, and often has a desire to get back into a regular exercise routine. Labor and delivery of the baby affects the mother’s pelvic floor (muscles required to prevent unwanted leakage of urine, stool or gas), abdominal muscles and low back, just to name a few. A qualified physical therapist will complete a thorough evaluation to determine what the best method of recovery will be for you to improve unwanted leakage, pelvic or back pain, lifting mechanics and posture.

Seeing a physical therapist during this joyous time of a woman’s life can simply help a mom or mom-to-be ease into her new role and alleviate some common unwanted symptoms.

Jerilyn Strong, D.P.T., is part of MidMichigan Health’s Rehabilitation Services team in Ithaca. She provides physical therapy in her hometown community, and specializes in pelvic floor therapy. To make an appointment, contact her office at (989) 875-4193.


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