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Kelly Wirsing, M.D., board-certified general surgeon, is the medical director of the Breast Health Program at the Center for Women's Health. She focuses on the rapidly changing field of breast surgery and helping women with breast cancer live longer, healthier lives. She believes that education is essential as women progress from cancer diagnosis through treatment to recovery, and that the more they know, the more likely they are to become survivors.

Be Good to Yourself. Get a Mammogram.

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In my breast surgical practice with MidMichigan Health, I have the privilege of caring for women who are being tested and treated for breast cancer. They are some of the strongest, most spirited women, and it is an honor to be a trusted partner with them during their journey.

Every day, they re-convince me that when breast cancer is detected early, it is most easily and successfully treated. Research upholds this observation time and again. So, during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month take care of yourself by having a mammogram.

As women, we are often so concerned about our children, parents and husband’s health that Continue reading.