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Jennifer Morse, M.D. is the medical director of MidMichigan Health’s Medical Weight Management Program and is a diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. She is part of a multi-disciplinary team that consists of an exercise physiologist, a registered dietitian and a behavioral specialist. Together these weight management specialists work to address all aspects of weight management to help individuals effectively meet their healthy lifestyle goals.

Weight Management: Surviving and Thriving

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82634926HolidayMealIt all starts with Thanksgiving and continues for two months or longer if you count the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day. The holiday season is a struggle for anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s skipping our exercise routine because we are “just too busy,” eating that extra piece of pumpkin pie as we sit around the table, or picking up one too many cookies that our co-worker brought in to spread holiday cheer, this can be an extremely challenging time of year to avoid weight gain. Holiday stress, physical and emotional exhaustion and cold weather can also contribute to lack of exercise and overeating.

It’s important to remember how hard it will be to get started on that healthy diet and exercise routine again if you stop. So, instead of waiting until January 1 to make a New Year’s resolution, try and continue your healthy lifestyle through the holidays.

Here are some quick tips for staying healthy and active during the upcoming holidays:

  • Be aware of how much you’re eating and why. Allow yourself some special treats during the holidays. If holiday cookies and other treats are a real temptation to you, allow yourself one a day to avoid deprivation and then overeating.

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