Diabetes Awareness and Chronic Wounds

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During Diabetes Awareness Month in November, we’re reminding our patients who are living with diabetes to keep up with daily foot checks. The American Diabetes Association recommends daily foot checks because nearly 1 in 4 people with diabetes will experience a diabetic foot ulcer. During the pandemic, wound-related amputations rose nearly 50% globally.

If you, like Anna, are living with diabetes, be sure to check your feet daily for wounds to avoid complications such as infection, hospitalization or amputation.

MidMichigan Health has specialized services to help you manage diabetes effectively and to prevent or treat non-healing wounds.

  • Diabetes Educators are specialized in helping you manage your diabetes and can develop a plan to help you adopt healthy behaviors, develop problem-solving and coping skills and overcome barriers to diabetes self-management. Learn more at www.midmichigan.org/diabetes.
  • MidMichigan’s specialized Wound Treatment Centers have a median time to heal of 28 days and 94 percent patient satisfaction. If you or someone you love is living with a non-healing wound, don’t wait – seek specialized care. Call the Wound Treatment Centers toll free at (877) 683-0800.


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