Speech Therapy for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

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According to studies, up to 89 percent of people with Parkinson’s disease develop difficulty communicating and up to 95 percent develop difficulty swallowing.

For patients who are experiencing difficulty with their speech, voice or swallowing, it is optimal to begin speech therapy as soon as possible to postpone and help prevent this decline. The SPEAK OUT! & LOUD Crowd program has been scientifically proven to improve speech, voice, swallowing and overall quality of life.

SPEAK OUT! is a therapy program specifically designed to preserve the voice and swallowing function of people with Parkinson’s disease and related neurological disorders. This program will teach patients how to speak with intent to improve overall communication and quality of life. SPEAK OUT! usually consists of 12 individual therapy sessions over the course of four weeks, and patients then transition to LOUD Crowd.

LOUD Crowd is the group therapy portion of the program that meets one time a week. These sessions provide maintenance for skills obtained during SPEAK OUT! and are a source of camaraderie for the members.

The SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd therapy regimens were developed at Parkinson Voice Project, located in Richardson, Texas.

SPEAK OUT! and LOUD Crowd are offered at MidMichigan Medical Center – Alpena. SPEAK OUT! is generally offered on weekdays and LOUD Crowd meets every Friday afternoon. All sessions take place at the Medical Center, on the third floor of the Healthplex. Virtual sessions are also available. A physician referral is required for this program.

SPEAK OUT!® & The LOUD Crowd® are registered trademarks of Parkinson Voice Project.


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