Survivorship Care and Fitness for Cancer Patients

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After undergoing cancer treatment, patients may hesitate or shy away from any exercise program, whether it’s because they’re scared, nervous, not sure what to do or where to start and question what types of exercises are safe.

An oncology fitness program, however, can improve the quality of a patient’s lifestyle at the time of their diagnosis through and beyond their cancer treatment. Exercise is medicine for both the mind and the body. The benefits of an exercise program include reducing pain and fatigue, as well as allowing the patient to regain movement, strength and aerobic fitness.

The program can help patients improve their quality of life while regaining or improving physical, emotional and social health. An initial consultation provides a base of knowledge of the patient to the clinician so he or she can provide the best quality care. Joint movement, strength and balance will be assessed, and the patient’s goals and interests taken into consideration.

From there, a personalized exercise program will be developed for each patient. Each patient will be taught proper techniques, and will be coached on how to become independent and comfortable with their exercise program.

MidMichigan Health’s Oncology Fitness Program is a cash-based service, and not billable to insurance. It’s offered in MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland’s Campus Ridge Fitness Center. Those who have questions or who would like to schedule an appointment may contact Jan DeVrieze, P.T.A., at (989) 837-9146 or email


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