Kinesio Taping: It’s Not Just for Athletes

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What is Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is a type of elastic adhesive tape that can be used in all populations from pediatrics to geriatrics to elite athletes. Kinesio tape is latex-free, hypoallergenic, water resistant, and is able to be worn for multiple days at a time. One of the differences with Kinesio tape compared to other athletic tapes is that it does not restrict or limit range of motion. Therefore, the tape should be applied to allow for full range of motion.

What does Kinesio Tape Do?

Kinesio tape microscopically lifts the skin and can help to facilitate lymphatic drainage, decrease inflammation and increase space. The tape should be applied once an evaluation has been completed to determine limitation and target area. The taping application varies depending on the target tissue and the result that the practitioner is looking to achieve. The tape can also be applied in various cuts based on the results that the practitioner is looking for. Based on the way that the tape is cut and the stretch placed when applying the tape, Kinesio tape is able to decrease inflammation, improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and assist with healing and for neuromuscular re-education. Kinesio tape can also be applied in combination with other modalities during a treatment session.

When using Kinesio tape, it is important to perform a full assessment with each patient to determine the desired outcome. It’s also important to educate each patient on the tape application, how to remove it and what to do in case of an adverse reaction. Kinesio tape has been shown to have positive effects of multiple systems of the body and can be used in any stage of rehabilitation.

Lauren Gillette, P.T., D.P.T., is a physical therapist and certified Kinesio taping practitioner at MidMichigan Medical Center – West Branch.


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