How Can Physical Therapy Help You Recover From a Concussion?

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There are many symptoms an individual can develop after a hit to the head or concussion. An individual who has sustained a concussion can develop headaches, neck pain, dizziness and issues with balance and difficulty focusing while reading or doing work on a computer. For these physical symptoms, physical therapy can play a vital role in an individual’s recovery.

The 5th International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in Berlin in Oct. 2016 came to the conclusion that physical therapy does play an important role in the recovery of a concussed athlete and therefore all individuals who have sustained a concussion. 

In the consensus statement from that conference, it states, “The literature has not evaluated early interventions as most individuals recover in 10 to 14 days. A variety of treatments may be required for ongoing or persistent symptoms and impairments following injury (concussion). Data supports interventions including psychological, cervical and vestibular rehabilitation.”

For neck pain, headaches and dizziness lasting longer than 10 to 14 days, physical therapy can help to decrease these symptoms to allow the individual to return to normal activity.

If you have sustained a concussion and have persistent symptoms that have lasted longer than 14 days, please discuss physical therapy with your physician as possible treatment.


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