Performing Arts Wellness Program Helps Dancers and Gymnasts Recover from Injury

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When a dancer or gymnast sustains an injury, they may not know where to turn for treatment.

At some point during a dance or gymnastic session, a sport-related injury may be sustained. During the session, many individuals just power through the pain and discomfort, hoping the end will provide a must needed rest and recovery.

The unfortunate thing is that not all injuries are able to heal on their own once the individual has been suffering from the injury from multiple weeks to months. This is where physical therapy can help dancers or gymnasts to recover more efficiently from the injury sustained during the sports season.

At MidMichigan Health, we have a Performing Arts Wellness Program that can evaluate and provide treatment for any dancer or gymnast so they are ready to start their sport in the next season, injury-free.

If you have sustained a dance or gymnastic injury and didn’t recover from that injury on your own, please discuss physical therapy with your physician as a possible treatment option. Those interested in physical therapy through the Performing Arts Wellness Program may contact Physical Therapist Ashley Ghose, P.T., D.P.T., who specializes in dance and gymnastic injuries.


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