5 Reasons Why Wounds Don’t Heal

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There are four key phases for a wound to heal successfully:

Infographic showing five common reasons why wounds don't heal: poor circulation, diabetes, infection, nutrition deficits and repeat trauma to the wound site.

[click image to enlarge] Specialized Wound Treatment Centers have better outcomes because they bring together many disciplines to not only treat wounds, but also to address the underlying barriers to healing.

  1. Hemostasis – clotting to control bleeding.
  2. Inflammation – swelling occurs as helpful materials are transported to the wound site and invasive microbes are pushed out.
  3. Proliferation – a protective layer of tissue is formed.
  4. Remodeling – rebuilding of tissue and revascularization and reorganization of the new tissue to function like the surrounding tissue.

Any factors that interfere with one or more of these phases can prevent wounds from healing. Some of the most common factors include:

  1. Poor Circulation – Oxygen and materials needed for healing can’t get to the wound site. Dead cells and harmful materials can’t be carried away.
  2. Diabetes – Diabetes interferes with healing in many ways, including lower oxygen levels, weaker immunity and decreased ability to form new skin cells and blood vessels. Diabetic nerve damage can also make it harder to sense a wound and seek treatment.
  3. Infection – Harmful bacteria can prolong inflammation and prevent new
  4. Nutrition Deficits – Wounds need energy, protein and other vital nutrients to heal.
  5. Repeat Trauma – Wounds on feet, moving joints and any body parts that may easily get bumped, rubbed or pressured are more susceptible to reopening.

Other factors that can interfere with healing include age, sex hormones, stress, obesity, some medications, alcoholism and smoking.

Specialized Wound Treatment Addresses Root Causes

 Specialized Wound Treatment Centers have better outcomes because they bring together many disciplines to not only treat the wound, but to also address these underlying issues that may be barriers to healing. The Wound Treatment Centers at MidMichigan Health have a cross functional team with specialists in these and other areas:

  • infectious disease management
  • cardiology
  • diabetes education
  • nutrition management
  • physical therapy
  • pain management
  • lab and imaging
  • debridement
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy

MidMichigan’s specialized Wound Treatment Centers in Alma, Alpena, Clare, Midland and West Branch have a median time to heal of 28 days and 94 percent patient satisfaction. These outcomes places us among the top 21 percent of nearly 800 Healogics centers nationwide. Healogics is the nation’s leading wound care management company.

Take Action. Seek Specialized Treatment.

If you or someone you love is living with a non-healing wound, don’t wait – seek specialized treatment. Even if you have tried other treatments, but your wound isn’t healing, a multi-disciplinary Wound Treatment Center can identify and address the underlying reasons that the wound did not heal. Call MidMichigan’s Wound Treatment Centers toll free at (877) 683-0800 or visit www.midmichigan.org/woundcenter.

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